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Welcome to our portfolio of successful collaborative and transformative journeys we have embarked on with our partners. At Good Minded, we take pride in our unique ability to blend a diverse set of practical skills with creative insights, delivering solutions that go beyond conventional boundaries. This page is a celebration of the milestones we've achieved and the lives we've touched. From harnessing the latest in technology to revitalize non-profit operations, to mentoring at-risk community members with empowering skill sets, each project has been a step towards our collective goal of building stronger, more resilient communities. Dive into our stories of change and innovation, and discover how, together, we're making a tangible difference in the world.

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The Muse Room

Our robust buiness planning, website and construction servies turned the founders' conceptual ideas into a fully realized community art space and gallery 

Detann Estates

Our quick turn time team produced web page designs for a new site launch that provides luxury vacations donations located in Turks and Caicos

tech support 2
tech support 2

Coming soon

A local insurance provider

Our IT support team helps local businesses manage increasing tech demands and customer expectations, allowing them to stay focused on their mission.

St Louis Food Bank