Working with us

At Good Minded, we integrate a rich blend of experiences in art, carpentry, electrical engineering, and Agile consulting to create innovative solutions for non-profits and community projects. Our approach begins with a deep understanding of each organization’s unique needs, employing Agile methodologies to ensure flexibility and responsiveness. We prioritize the integration of technology, using our technical expertise to develop tailored, efficient strategies that enhance operational capabilities. Central to our philosophy is a commitment to adaptability and continuous improvement, ensuring that our solutions are dynamic and effectively meet the evolving challenges faced by the communities we serve.


Embarking on our Discovery journey

Every successful project at Good Minded starts with the crucial Discovery phase. This is where we immerse ourselves in understanding you, your aspirations, and your organization's objectives. Our aim is to gain comprehensive insights into your organization's vision, the needs and preferences of your users, and the specific functionalities required for your website. Armed with this knowledge, we lay the groundwork for a website that not only meets but exceeds expectations.

The Discovery process kicks off with an intensive information-gathering phase. Through collaborative discussions involving our Project Management, User Experience, and Development teams, along with key members from your organization, we delve into defining the new website's objectives. These conversations help us identify the primary user personas and meticulously map out the desired features and functionalities for the final product.

Shaping the User Experience & Structuring Information

Leveraging the insights from the Discovery phase, Good Minded formulates a strategic blueprint for the site's design. This phase is pivotal as we craft recommendations for an intuitive and engaging user experience, underpinned by a well-organized information architecture. We'll develop a comprehensive site map, detailing core features, functionalities, and the optimal presentation of content to meet your objectives effectively.

During this stage, we also focus on aligning expectations and timelines. It’s a collaborative process where we ensure open communication, addressing any queries and solidifying a shared vision for the website's journey ahead.


Creative Design & Development Phase

The third phase at Good Minded is where creativity truly comes to life. Our design process commences with presenting several home page concepts. We believe that having a few basic guidelines, such as color schemes and typography, actually enhances our creative liberty. This approach allows us to experiment with unique background elements, imagery, spacing, and animations, setting the tone for the website’s overall aesthetic. Following the approval of the home page design and establishing the site’s visual theme, we proceed to design the remaining pages.

At Good Minded, we pride ourselves on building with the latest technologies. We rigorously test all code in the most current versions of key browsers, ensuring optimal functionality. Every website we craft is coded to be responsive, guaranteeing a seamless and enjoyable experience for users on mobile devices.

Additionally, we integrate and tailor the chosen content management system for effortless content updates and management post-launch. Our team also offers support in content migration during this phase, efficiently transferring all necessary content and assets from any existing digital platforms to your new site, ensuring a smooth transition and consistent digital presence.

Evaluation and Demonstration Stage

This critical step is where Good Minded meticulously scrutinizes every aspect of the site before its official launch. Our comprehensive review encompasses all site functionalities and content, ensuring that every detail aligns with your expectations. We employ modern testing tools for a rigorous quality assurance (QA) process. Following our in-depth QA, we provide training on the website's backend system. This empowers you to independently navigate and manage the site post-launch.

During this phase, clients are also invited to conduct their own QA review, identifying any issues using an easy-to-use tracking system. This platform offers complete visibility, allowing you to monitor the status of reported bugs - whether they are being addressed, pending review, ready for your team's evaluation, or resolved and moved to the completed bin. Our goal is to ensure a smooth, transparent process and a flawless final product.


Launching Your Vision

As we approach the final phase, we set the stage for your website's public debut with a well-crafted launch plan. This critical stage involves a thorough final review, ensuring every file, every piece of content, and all functionalities are just as perfect as they were on the development server. We leave no stone unturned, confirming the accuracy and performance of each element.

The moment your new site goes live is a celebration of our joint effort (yay!). But our journey doesn't end there. Post-launch, the Good Minded team remains at your service for ongoing website optimization and maintenance, ensuring your digital presence continues to thrive and evolve with your needs.

Post Launch

We are always thrilled with each successful launch, as it marks a significant milestone in our clients' journey to advance their mission. Our approach at Good Minded uniquely blends practical skills with creative insight, ensuring that each collaboration is not just a project, but a transformative experience. As we move forward, our focus remains steadfast on optimizing resources and imparting valuable skills.

We warmly invite you to continue working with us as your new chapter unfolds, where every step we take together is a stride towards creating stronger, more resilient communities. Good Minded is here to support your journey with ongoing training, post-launch adjustments to your website or services based on new insights, continued social media support, print work, and any other needs you may have. Together, let's build a future where every non-profit has the tools and skills to thrive.