The Muse Room


Buisness Strategy

Non Profit Corportaion creation



Physical Gallery Build out

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About the Company

Muse Room provides a community arts space where inspiration flows from the vibrant people and the world around us.  Thier mission is to provide a welcoming environment for individuals of all ages to express themselves artistically, discover new talents, and form meaningful connections.


  • Launch a new non profit in 90days
  • Create and implement a cohesive branding strategy
  • Implement a full responsive solution back by WordPress for ease of content management
  • Build search engine traffic to drive future growth
  • Implement Retail Point of Sale
  • Implement and online selling
  • Build out phsyical space to house retail gallery


Website Concept to Launch

0 Month

Physical retail build out

0 Months

Customer Happiness


Donations vs Planned




Getting to know the Muse Rooms goals



Website Launched

Their beautiful new site went live ahead of schedule with the ability to book classes and events



New gallery ready to hang art

The spaces looks amazing and the owners are ready to start gathering artists to populate the space



Online sales portal opens

Gallery artists are now able to sell their art online



Social Media campaign starts

Social media campaign begins building interest with the community



Grand Opening

The art is up, classes were started, poistive feedback and accelerated donations achieved

Phase 1

Getting started

We embarked on a strategic journey to create a digital presence and a physical community art gallery that truly reflected the founders ethos. The process began with a personal discussion to understand the Muse Rooms goals and values to ensure our initiatives resonated with the needs and aspirations of those we serve.

Parallelly, the vision for the retail gallery was drafted with careful planning and alignment with all local codes, focusing on creating a space that is both inspiring and inclusive.


  • Research and Strategy Consultation:
    • Goals and values
    • Budget
    • Timeline
  • Website Development:
    • Collaborated with the Muse Room staff to draft concepts for a user-friendly site, iterating until a design was chosen
  • Designing the Community Gallery:
    • Worked with our architects to design a flexible and aesthetically pleasing space.
Phase 2

Making it happen

Things were well underway. Muse Room owners love the prototype site and were active an customiziing it to thier unique mission

  • Website Development:
    • Leveraging our expertise in technology and design, we crafted a website that is not just aesthetically pleasing but highly functional, serving as a digital hub for thier community engagement and online sales.
  • Physical Community Gallery:
    •  The gallery was brought to life through careful planning, focusing on creating a space that is both inspiring and inclusive.
  • Marketing 
    • Socail media campgain starts across all modern platofrms
Phase 3

Bringing it all together

We're excited to reveal our new endeavor: the launch of a sleek, user-friendly website and the creation of the Muse Room, a distinctive retail gallery and community space.

Thier new website, designed with care and accessibility in mind, allows visitors to immerse themselves in the Muse Room experience from anywhere, showcasing our commitment to using technology for community betterment.

The Muse Room retail gallery, embodying our founder's vision, offers a vibrant showcase for local artists and craftsmen to exhibit their work. More than just a display area, it's a hub of artistic activity and cultural exchange. The adjoining community space is a haven for development and teamwork, hosting various workshops, skill-building sessions, and mentorship programs, all focused on empowering our community members. The Muse Room, a Good Minded initiative, represents not just a location, but a movement toward enhancing creativity, learning, and connection within our community.